·  Body constitution analysis (Tridosha constitution)

·  Detailed recommendation for constitutional balanced diet

·  Consultation with ayurvedic Doctor(Tuesday)

·  Yoga exercise module on individual body constitution(private session)

·  Daily yoga classes and asana workshops

·  Pranayama and meditation sessions

·  4 days Personalized Ayurvedic Rejuvenating massages

·  Delicious vegetarian food and meal

·  9 nights' accommodation

·  Accue puncture based on constitution and physiological state(optionl)

·  Naturopathy, Kriyas, Therapy and steam baths(optional)

·  Chanting Bhajans

·  Cookery show

Treatments / Massage

This retreat includes a consultation with an on-site Ayurvedic/ Naturopathy doctor and you will receive treatments according to your body constitution.

4 days Massages and steam baths will be scheduled during your stay.

Body Constitution Analysis (Tridosha Constitution)

Natural self - Healing Therapies, Hydro Therapies, accupuncher ,Kriyas and Personal Private classes will be optional.


You will enjoy a healthy selection of sattvic (balanced) food or a mouth-watering array of Kerala cuisine (vegetarian) made by the resort's excellent cook. Lunch and Dinner will be served during the day with a tea-break accompanied by a light snack in between.

Room Rates

Private room (Private) for 1person – INR 49000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, Single bed

Double room (Private) for 2 person – INR 78000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Double bed, Shower and toilet

Shared twin room (Shared amongst 2 people) for 1 person – INR 40000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, Twin beds

Shared triple room (Shared amongst 3 people) for 1 person – INR 38000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, three beds

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