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One Reality

6 day One Reality Yoga & Meditation Retreat | 21,500 Rs 


One Light

10 days One Light Yoga & Meditation Retreat  | 38,000 Rs


Detox Retreats

14 days Natural Detox and Blissful Stress Relief Retreat | 62,000 Rs


Yoga Retreats

3 Days | Becoming One ~ 10,000 Rs


A brief, yet perfectly balanced retreat offering guests a chance to relax, unwind and feel the real benefits of yoga. 


6 Days | One Reality ~ 21,500 Rs


Stay a little longer to delve deeper into the yogic practice and let the benefits speak for themselves.


10 Days | One Light ~ 38,000 Rs


An all encompassing yoga and Ayurveda retreat, offering guests the chance to completely reset and rejuvenate while focussing on the true grounding of yoga philosophy. 


14 Days | Natural Detox & Stress Relief | 62,000 Rs


This retreat offers you the perfect balance of space and time for personal healing and guidance from experienced spiritual teachers whilst being held in the embrace of a deeply supportive and restorative detoxification program.


15 Days | Happy Life Yoga & Volunteer | 46,800 Rs


Enjoy the benefits of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, learn from teachers who will help you discover or rediscover your spiritual side all whilst giving back to local communities and helping in sustainable and rewarding volunteer projects arranged by our team at Hinterland Village. Projects include organic farming, dress making/designing, soap making, incense making and cooking. 


Personalised Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats


Our personalised retreats offer you the chance to retreat in yogic practice and philosophy for as long or as little time you may need. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss and accommodate your personal requirements. 


"The right way to meet India" ... "This place has changed my life!"

Guest Testimonials

What a gift to be here...

What a gift to be here! This is a magic and unique place with lovely people and beautiful nature. Many thanks for all the inspiration. I have learned so much and will never forget you.

Thanks again to all of you..

- Theresa Malec, Berlin

February 2019

Its is the full package of great and inspiring people...


After a year my second stay at Hinterland!

Its is the full package of great and inspiring people, an amazing friendly staff, wonderful yoga classes, meditation sessions and very inspiring yoga philosophy class. Thank you for all your love and care. I am energized again and very happy and relaxed.

- Sabine Hills, Germany

January 2019

You have totally changed my understanding and appreciation of Yoga and Meditation...

Thank you Hinterland Village team! You have totally changed my understanding and appreciation of Yoga and Meditation. All the staff have been so attentive and welcoming. All the yoga teachers have been awesome and unique in their own way. We feel so relaxed and equipped with so many tools for everyday life and to continue our yoga awareness journey. Hope to come back again soon.

- Sharyn Bow, Australia

December 2018

What a start to my Indian adventure


Well, I booked for 3 nights and stayed for 8... What a start to my Indian adventure, and I cannot express the love I feel for this magical place as words are totally inadequate! To Unni, thank you for creating a new path for me, your energy, kindness and zest for life are such an inspiration... If i can create something and be just 5% of you/this, then I feel I will have done well! To all the team that make this dream a reality, thank you for looking after me/ us, the yoga, meditation, philosophy, massage, food, service and kindness have transformed my outlook. I hope to see you all again soon. Thank you.

- Ellie Miles, United Kingdom, march-2018

Everything runs so efficiently but also with so much warmth and love!


Thank you for looking after me so well, on every level. It has been such a wonderful stay. Everything runs so efficiently but also with so much warmth and love!

I will miss the food, the Yoga, the Meditation and the philosophy classes, but i am determined to continue then all myself! You have opened the door! Thank you for giving us the complete Yoga package! Lots of Love

- Grace Murray

United Kingdom

July 2018

People are a slice of Heaven on Earth


Wow!! Such an amazing experience this beautiful nurturing healing, learning place and its people are a slice of Heaven on Earth. I feel like a part of a family who is accepting, loving and i have so much to thank you all for the other guests were also part of the wonderful delights. I will surely be back and i can't wait to tell others all about it!


Lots of Love,

- Gillian Klette


July 2018

This retreat will stay in our memories forever as it best!


It was the perfect week to get away from our everyday life, to reflect, to meditate, and to practice yoga and all this here in the peaceful beautiful Hinterland Village. Not to forget the delicious food and fresh juice! This retreat will stay in our memories forever as it best!

- Elisabeth & Andrea, Australia, March 2018

Andelightful experience at Hinterland

 I spend a week doing a yoga retreat and was one of the best experiences. Being in touch with the nature, different animals, hundreds of plants, herbs and trees that they take care of is so charming. The food that they cook is amazingly tasty, typical kerala food but 100% organic and made with love. But one of the best things there is the staff members, all the attention that they bring us, all the support and inconditional help. All of the workers are so lovely, they make your stay special and unique. Thanks for everything!! 

- Cris,  April 2018, travelled solo 

I don’t even have word to express how grateful I am...


I don’t even have word to express how grateful I am for everything that Unni, Sri and their absolute lovely staff did for us. I felt so extremely welcome; had the most wonderful food and very good Yoga + Meditation classes. Hinterland Village is such a great place to relax, to learn new things, to meet people, to think about the important things in life...

Unni, thank you so much for everything; for being a dreamer, for looking out for everyone, for having created this lovely oasis, for doing the things you believe in, for spreading so much good energy. And a very big thank to all staff you were just amazing!

- Arleen Duit, Australia, March-2018

I can’t imagine any better start in India


I can’t imagine any better start in India for me that I had in Hinterland Village. Thanks to everyone here. I just absolutely love this place, Yoga, Philosophy, Meditation, staff and food... THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

- Christina Alt, Austria, February-2018



Thanks to everyone at Hinterland for making this experience an amazing one in every way. Unni, you are an inspiration to all men. May the good lord continue to guide you and keep you so; we can continue to spread the word of “THE HINTERLAND VILLAGE EXPERIENCE”. Hope to be back.

- Agnes Pratt, London, April-2018

It has been great to open our minds.


What a wonderful moment spent here. Thank you to make this paradise real. We will definitely be back again! It has been great to open our minds.

- Mélanie Vincent, France, March-2018

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