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One Reality

6 day One Reality Yoga & Meditation Retreat | 21,500 Rs 

One Light

10 days One Light Yoga & Meditation Retreat  | 38,000 Rs

Detox Retreats

14 days Natural Detox and Blissful Stress Relief Retreat | 62,000 Rs

Retreat Packages

3 Days | Becoming One ~ 10,000 Rs

A brief, yet perfectly balanced retreat offering guests a chance to relax, unwind and feel the real benefits of yoga. 

6 Days | One Reality ~ 21,500 Rs

Stay a little longer to delve deeper into the yogic practice and let the benefits speak for themselves.

10 Days | One Light ~ 38,000 Rs

An all encompassing yoga and Ayurveda retreat, offering guests the chance to completely reset and rejuvenate while focussing on the true grounding of yoga philosophy. 

14 Days | Natural Detox & Stress Relief | 62,000 Rs

This retreat offers you the perfect balance of space and time for personal healing and guidance from experienced spiritual teachers whilst being held in the embrace of a deeply supportive and restorative detoxification program.

15 Days | Happy Life Yoga & Volunteer | 46,800 Rs

Enjoy the benefits of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, learn from teachers who will help you discover or rediscover your spiritual side all whilst giving back to local communities and helping in sustainable and rewarding volunteer projects arranged by our team at Hinterland Village. Projects include organic farming, dress making/designing, soap making, incense making and cooking. 

Personalised Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats

Our personalised retreats offer you the chance to retreat in yogic practice and philosophy for as long or as little time you may need. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss and accommodate your personal requirements. 

"The right way to meet India" ... "This place has changed my life!"

Guest Testimonials

You won't find a warmer more nurturing place on earth!!!

My first yoga experience ever but it certainly won't be my last. Unni has created and nurtured the most lovey home for all his guests. Food is phenomenal and the Doctor who visits on a tuesday is inspirational! My 5 days were far from enough.

The best place to start a yoga journey

My stay at Hinterland Village was absolutely amazing. I loved everything - the classes of yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy, the atmosphere, the people, the food, the massages... The staff are so friendly and lovely, and in any situation you feel very well taken care of. .. the perfect place to relax and rest the soul. I feel very inspired by the things I learned about yoga, as well as by the people I met there. Thank you again for making my first few days in India so wonderful, and I truly wish to visit you soon again! - Minda

Incredible Experience

Thank you so much for this incredible week. The time I spend here was amazing. I managed to find peace, beauty, harmony, amongst great people and lovely nature. The food, staff is amazing. Swami our Yoga master is a truly wise and helpful teacher. I could say he is the soul of this resort. Thank you. - Cristina, Balabova

So Beautiful, Very Relaxing

I spent 24 days at the Hinterland Village. It was very relaxing and busy at the same time. Each day was filled with over five hours of yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy. I had an Ayurvedic massage every other day. Manesh's vegetarian food is just AMAZING - he shared some of his delicious recipes during cooking demonstrations. Unni cares about the local people by providing jobs; about the animals by rescuing them (there are some turkeys, ducks, there is an Emu...); and about the environment by growing many of the fruit and vegetables that are prepared and served to the guests. And there is a pool! And hammocks. Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and calm. I will definitely go back.

A special and wonderful experience

We spent three and a half great days at Hinterland village. We loved every moment: the place itself is beautiful, the hospitality is generous. The program was full and nurturing. The food was amazing.The personal international meetings were fascinating. Meeting and talking with Unni (the owner) was always meaningful. We would like to thank Unni and his lovely staff for giving us such a special time.

Hinterland Paradise

Even if I tried, I would not say anything negative about this magic place. I arrived physically injured, could barely walk and was so worried about  not being able to practice yoga, but the moment I arrived all was put in place. Healing oils, intense massages and yoga challenges to healing. Within days I was on my feet, felt so good that I extended my stay. It was difficult to leave. I'm planning to go back very soon for at least one month. Everyone on site are devoted to making you feel better and happy. You will not leave the same.. Already counting the days to get back!  - Veronik Girault from France

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