Share your passions and skills

Our volunteer retreats are an incredible way to connect with the local community and our staff here in the village. Share your unique skills, talents, passions and enthusiasm! Whatever you bring whether it be farming knowledge, arts and crafts, building/carpentry, prior yoga teaching experience or music, we want to hear from you!

Contribute to existing projects

Our volunteer projects in sustainable living water conservation, organic farming, jewellery making, dress making and designing, soap making, incense making, food making so you can find something that fits in with your skill sets and personal interests. 

Other project opportunities include:

·  Animal/ birds welfare

·  Waste water recycling

·  Water conservation

·  Creative  art forms

·  Assisting Yoga teachers

·  Indo western vegetarian cooking

·  Yoga class for students/ children/ local community

·  Soap making/ incense making


·  Body Constitution Analysis

·  Diet, Nidana Recommendations

·  3-5 hours daily Volunteering activities

·  13 days yoga classes

·  Pranayama and Meditation

·  Asanas workshop and perfecting

·  Personalized Ayurvedic consultations

·  3 days Rejuvenating massages and steam baths

·  Sattvic or balanced diet

·  13 night’s accommodation

·  Relaxation in pool

Room Rates

INR 46800/-

Includes shared room accommodation

3 hours of Yoga class and meditation session

All food, juice, snacks and meal

3 days Ayurveda massage