4 hours daily Asana classes, personalised body constitution analysis/discussion, recommendations on diet and exercise, Ayurvedic doctor consultation, detox juices, diet plan to incorporate fasting, Tri Dosha analysis pranayama & guided meditation, regular rejuvenating massages & steam baths

What's Included

·  Discussion and Body Constitution Analysis

·  Recommendations on Nidana, Diet, Yoga Exercise

·  Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor

·  Diet Plan/ Juice Detox / Yoga Therapy / Cleansing

·  Yoga KRIYAS

·  Guided Meditation and Yoga Nidra

·  Pranayama and Yoga Asanas

·  Rejuvenating massages and Steam baths

·  Tri Dosha Analysis and recommendation

·  13 night Modest Luxury accommodation

·  Diet and balanced vegetarian food

·  Enjoy 4 hours yoga classes, Philosophy and Meditation

·  Enjoy nature walk, village ride and farming

·  Hydro Therapy, Steam Bath and Acupuncture (optional)

·  Cookery show

·  Bhajans


This retreat includes a consultation with an on-site Ayurvedic/ Naturopathy doctor and you will receive treatments according to your body constitution. Massages and steam baths will be scheduled during your stay, Naturopathy, Hydropathy, Accu puncher and Kriyas will be provided as per need.


You will enjoy a healthy selection of balanced food made by the resort's excellent cook. Special care is taken in providing the best diet and nutrition for guests. Special freshly made, sugar free detox juices will also be provided.

Room Rates

Private room (Private) for 1person – INR 86000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, Single bed

Double room (Private) for 2 person – INR 145000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Double bed, Shower and toilet

Shared twin room (Shared amongst 2 people) for 1 person – INR 69000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, Twin beds

Shared triple room (Shared amongst 3 people) for 1 person – INR 62000/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, three beds