Yoga is the unification or linking up of ones own higher and lower energies. True spiritual liberation is the aim of yoga and it is through balancing and harmonizing our emotional, intellectual, physical and subconscious aspects of our personalities we achieve a state of enlightenment or freedom from the tangles of our physical being. This science of the soul is a tradition passed on through generations and scattered across various parts of this earth, we can now identify them as different variations or branches of Yoga. The principles of yoga remains the same, therefore this teacher-training program is not only designed for those who want to teach yoga asanas as a profession but also for those who are seeking truth, a righteous order and justice in life.

The main mission of this one-month program is to produce inspiring and

qualified yoga brothers and sisters who are able to draw on their own personal yogic discipline in imparting the yoga experience to others. This intensive course is open to all levels of yoga practitioners including beginners and intermediates; a basic knowledge of yoga philosophy is helpful but not essential. The daily schedule includes 2 asana practice classes, two lectures, and one hourof service to the village and meditation session. One day of the week is lecture free and have the option of going for day-trips to nearby places of interest.


Daily two hours of morning and evening asana practice class gives you the opportunity to practice and advance in your own asanas and will help to build your own personal discipline. Daily asana teaching methodology class is devoted to teaching you how to teach a yoga class at a wellness center or a studio space. The asana classes are based on the main principles of classical Hatha yoga.

The two-hour sessions in the morning and evening are thorough and wholesome.

  • Kriya yoga (cleansing of nasal and digestive tracts)
  • Warm up
  • Sun Salutation/ journey of the sun
  • Asanas & variations/ improvisations
  • Relaxation with awareness
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Meditation

The benefits of holistic yoga asana practice are unparalleled to any. It helps to control the emotional mind, builds muscle strength and flexibility, improves blood circulation, oxygenates the blood and develops sharp concentration and imagination skills. Personal attention is given to all the participants throughout each practice session. 

Lecture Topics include but are not limited to

  •  Hatha yoga philosophy

The aim of this lecture is to reason about the principles of Hatha yoga, the

unification of body, mind and spirit or in other words centering your energy or vibration in harmony with the sun and the moon.

  • Eight limbs of yoga

Eight limbs of yoga is a methodical and logical inquisition approach to live a meaningful and fulfilling life from inside out and outside in. From observing purity, moral disciple, studying of sacred texts, practicing physical asanas, pranayama, meditation and concentration, it’s a holistic step by step guide to attain spiritual enlightenment in this time.

  • Yoga anatomy and physiology

This series of lectures comprises the study of the main systems of our body from a yogic perspective: the digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, endocrine system, immune system, skeletal & muscular system.

  •  Teaching methodology and practical guide for teaching different types ofclasses including pregnancy, senior citizens and kids

This class is to teach you asana teaching vocabulary, directing energy, physical

and verbal posture corrections.

  • Kemetic yoga philosophy

The aim of this lecture is to recognize the values and basic principles of Ancient

Egyptian civilization of Kemet and the yoga of gods and goddesses that lived a

long time ago in the land of Kemet. Its relation with Hatha yoga as a religious and

spiritual practice.

  •  Kundalini yoga

This lecture is based on the powers of Kundalini energy or the serpent power that is inherently given to humans. This reasoning lecture is a mystical study of awakening or accessing the dormant serpent energy to rise up.

  •  Kemetic yoga

This lecture explains the meanings and ways to creating the mental ambience and visualization powers whilst practicing certain yoga postures in Hatha yoga.

  •  Yoga of devotion

Yoga of directing a feeling of love and care to divine higher consciousness is a form of yoga, known as Bhakti yoga in Sanskrit. Study of various scriptures and chanting prayers to the holy one of creation is a yogic practice to attain emotional balance and everlasting love.

  •  Yoga of reasoning or intellect

Reasoning about the divine mystical psychology is a form of yogic discipline to develop the intellectual capacity of the mind, known as Jnana yoga in Sanskrit. This session is a detailed analysis and approach to deepen ones own knowledge to come to an understanding about the meaning of life.

  •  Yoga of selfless service or Karma yoga

This lecture is about the actions we do with our physical body and its effects on the next moments of our life. This is translated into everything we do from having a shower, eating good food, going to work, death, reincarnation and so on.

  •  Mindful nutrition

Having a deeper meaning and relation with the food that we consume is mindful nutrition. Knowing that food is not just for our physical body but it needs to be for our mind as well. This session points out the right foods to eat, to maintain optimum physical and mental health.

  •  Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a medical science, which evolved 5000 years ago and has a direct relation with yoga. This advanced form of physical healing and mental therapy helps to maintain balance, strength and health in the face of adversity.

  •  Yoga geography & history

This lecture is about international morality and the importance of universal brotherhood and sisterhood in these current times of segregation and separation.

  •  Yoga business for better tomorrow

How to professionally translate and impart the teachings of yogic lifestyle to general public in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Daily schedule


05:30 AM -  Wake up

06:00 AM -  Kriya yoga & meditation

06:30 AM -  Asana practice class

08:30 AM -  Breakfast

09:30 AM -  Lecture

10:30 AM -  Karma yoga (one hour of service at the village garden,kitchen                  or library/ shop)

11:30 AM  -  Teaching methodology lecture

01:00 PM -  Lunch

02:30 PM -  Lecture

04:00 PM -  Asana practice class

06:00 PM -  Light snack, juice/ tea

06:30 PM -  Meditation and chanting

08:00 PM -  Dinner

10:30 PM  -  Lights out


To ensure the success of the program participants are required to attend all activities on all of the days. 


General information

Materials included in the course fee

2 x yoga pants, 2 x t shirts

TTC Manual

Strictly vegetarian food is observed at Hinterland village. It is not possible to cater to personal dietary requirements beyond fresh and organic vegetarian meals.

Consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs is prohibited at the village.

Students are responsible for arranging travel insurance and a valid visa for India.

Room Rates

Private room (Private) for 1person – INR 93800/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, Single bed

Shared twin room (Shared amongst 2 people) for 1 person – INR 76600/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, Twin beds

Shared triple room (Shared amongst 3 people) for 1 person – INR 65500/-

Facilities: Air-conditioned rooms, Shower and toilet, three beds

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