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Saji Ramaswami

Saji Ramaswami is a professional Yoga Trainer and spiritual teacher with special experience in classic style of Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy of Yoga-Vedanta. He lived and practicing Yoga for more than 20 years in various Ashrams and Yoga schools in India. Since 2015 Swami has been with us as Yoga master, teaches the yoga retreats, teacher training workshops. His special techniques and knowledge about yoga combined with gentle, peace and kind manner, helps beginners as well as skilled Yoga practitioners. Hundreds of yoga and spiritual aspirins have benefited by the inspiring talks and teachings of swami.
  • Incredible Yoga teacher - Mbeke Waseme, September 2016

  • A life charging experience - Kaori – Japan, September 2016

  • Yoga with Swami was incredible. Great experience in life- Thierry Del-Valle – Morocco, October 2016

  • Swami said “No Attachments” but it is difficult to detach myself from 18 days of ‘just being’ here. Thank you - Eduardo Javier – US, October 2016

  • One month I stayed here. I know I have lot to learn. I am glad to learn my yoga from great Swami - Jenny – UK, November 2016

  • Have a very good experience learning Yoga the right way - Aiswarya – India, November 2016

  • Swami opened us to the root of yoga. We really enjoyed the philosophy class and its created a pathway to a good lifestyle - Esha, London, November 2016

  • Swami has an in-depth knowledge in Yoga and Philosophy. Very interesting. - Kshamatha- UK, November 2016

  • I enjoyed learning Yoga and Philosophy. Feel 100% relaxed - Collin –Canada , December 2016

  • Many thanks to swami for opening our eyes. Yoga and Philosophy sessions just rewarding. - Kiernan Ironfield – Australia, December 2016

  • Amazing Yoga days. Thank you Swami - Fiona Allan- UK, January 2017


Jayesh is a Masters graduate in Yoga making him more than a qualified instructor in both Hatha and Ashtanga traditions. For the past five years, he has traveled to various parts of the world to share his passion for teaching yoga and spirituality to a vast number of people from different walks of life. His passion for yoga therapy and treatments
  • I love yoga meditation teaching. I am going with a complete new upgraded understanding- Johana Lietch – Australia, October 2016

  • Meditation class with Jayesh, I recommend to anyone- Sanne – Holland, October 2016

  • Yoga meditation – “JUST WOW” so much personal progress.- Svitlana Demokova – Ukrain, November 2016

  • Meditation sessions were one of kind. I am now much better and happier person. Thank you- Aiswarya – India, November 2016

  • Lessons by Jayesh were a life changing experience. It is beyond words to express.- Namitha – India, November 2016

  • Meditation + expanding my awareness.. Thank you Jayesh.- Isobel Nascoe – UK, December 2016

  • Very relaxing, educational full body, mind and spirit experience- Viki and Don – England, December 2016

  • I can’t even thank Jayesh enough for all that he imparted to me. I will forever be indebted to him for the special yoga routine he crafted for my life- Rafath Fatima – India, October 2016

Dr.M.Dinesh Kumar BAMS
Ayurvedic Consultant

Dr. Dinesh is a professional Ayurveda Doctor for the past 20 years, working as a visiting consultant physician, where he also teaches students and organizes seminars, workshops, research on Ayurveda and other alternative medicine


T. Unni visited this piece of land, it was a neglected 7 acres of incredibly un kept rubber plantation and unwanted weeds. In this rich though untended soil, Unni saw his chance to grow his dreams - dreams of working with nature, creating a better environment for the life on this land, providing a better living for its folks and passing on the message to the rest of the world.
  • A peaceful environment. Caring hosts Unni and Sreedevi, so welcoming!!!- Micheal Jirsa- Australia, October 2016

  • Thank you Unni for creating a small piece of paradise for everyone to share- Eduardo Javier – US, October 2016

  • Thank you Sreedevi and Unni for creating this life safe heaven for every traveler on the journey of life.- Rafath Fatima – India, November 2016

  • It is a real treat for yoga lovers. Unni has created this beautiful heaven for nature and people alike- Kshamatha Purohit – UK, December 2016

  • Unni, you have created a paradise unique. Where smiles and happiness live forever- Miguel – France, January 2017

  • Meditation + expanding my awareness.. Thank you Jayesh.- Isobel Nascoe – UK, December 2016

  • Thank you Unni & staffs. Incredible - relaxing – amazing- Anna Mynot, UK

  • No words Unni. You and your team are wonderful. All the 14 days changed my life… Big thank you- Kate Bagoy – US, January 2017

  • Unni, Owner – Organizer. Saw dreams of working with nature, creating better environment for all living creature. It is conscious efforts to protect nature enhance and provide better lifestyle to the rest of the world. This place is a warm cocoon of health, harmony, peace, hospitality and wellness. Thank you Unni and your wonderful team for taking this trip ever memorable.- Beatrice – Belgium, September 2016

  • Unni- You is so caring. This is above all our expectation. Great experience- Daniela Dixer – Germany, September 2016

  • Thanks Unni for looking after is so well. Well organized yoga retreat- Leanne Tonagh – September 2017

  • Thank you everyone who made this place feel like home. Hats off to Unni and Sreedevi- Megan Darling , August 2016

  • This heaven is the perfect way to round of my travels in India- Nicki , September 2016

  • Thank you Unni for a wonderful real retreat- Annie O Hara, October 2016


The man behind excellent food, Juice, snacks and everything from kitchen.
  • Thank you for the amazing food. Yummy…- Mbeke Wasme, September 2016

  • Every meal, snack and juice is really amazing- Kimiko & Ami – Tokyo Japan, September 2016

  • All the 17days we enjoyed all our meal, juice snacks even herbal drink, great food amazing- September 2016

  • The food… amazing…. I know love yoga to miss in- Thierry Delvalle – Moroco, October 2016

  • Cheers to Manish and his team for cooking real taste for all meal. Just amazing- Paula –Finland, November 2016

  • Food!! Hats off to all kitchen staffs- Christine Eloy- Belgium, December 2016

  • Amazing food. I want to cook it all. Thank you so much- Rebecca & Linda, February 2017

  • Thank you for arranging some cooking tips. Food I love it. All the days I experienced amazing food- Iris – Sweeden

  • Manish is a gifted cook, his creativity in on par with the best chef around the world- Rafath Fatima – India, October 2016




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