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Who are you?

Bodhi offers you a chance to discover the real meaning of Yoga, which is much more than a series of physical postures. The Sanskrit etymology of this word -yuj- suggests a sense of connection: connecting with the divine, the environment and other people, but above all connecting with your(Self). Discover who you are beneath who you think you are.

To know yourself means to get to know the different aspects that make up your being and Yoga offers you tools to explore the interconnection between the physical, mental and spiritual facets of your life. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to expand our consciousness by breaking the habitual patterns of the mind, patterns that overwhelm us and cause us so much suffering.

An authentic Yoga practice usually revolves around a set of activities such as meditation, studying scriptures, breathing techniques, physical postures, selfless service to others etc. The retreats offered at Bodhi will focus on practices allowing you to calm the mind and connect with the body (meditation, asanas, pranayama, relaxation). Learn to mark a pause in your life and in a world where stress, pressure and worry invade our daily lives.

Our intention is to show you the means to lead a healthier lifestyle, so you can bring harmony and peace into your life once returning home.


Ayurveda is the oldest healing system of India - and probably in the world- and combines perfectly with Yoga to promote health. Based on the idea that all aspects of life impact one's health, Ayurveda encourages us to improve our lifestyle and habits to enhance general wellness: diet, activity, sleeping habits, personal hygiene etc.
Each treatment is tailored according to every individual's specific body constitution and character, and mainly uses herbal medicines as well as cleansing practices and massages to heal ailments. Treatments will include different massages ( oil, powder, head, spine...), steam baths, spine care, sirodhara...
We also offer expertized treatments such as Panchakarma, revitalization and weight reduction programs...


The Bodhi centre at Hinterland Village was an initiative undertaken by its founder, Unni, to promote Yoga and Ayurveda. Unni's desire was to create a space where guests and visitors could immerse themselves in spiritual practices in a peaceful and natural environment.


Massages and other therapies take place in two individual rooms each featuring a treatment table as well as a bath steamer.


A beautiful and inviting Yoga space was designed to maximize contact with nature. Surrounded by coconut trees, lush vegetation and a paddy field, this open shala is the perfect setting for unforgettable Yoga sessions.

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