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About Us

A collage of greens strewn with a million hues. A symphony of nature played by the birds, leaves and the bamboos. The music of stillness and solitude. Not to mention the chorus of geese and a whole lot of pets that dwell happily in the Village. The feel of grass crushing, leaves crunching and twigs snapping beneath your feet. The smell of fresh earth and the flavour of herbs and spices. The Village manages to cast a spell around all your senses.

In 2007 when T. Unni visited this piece of land, it was a neglected 7 acres of incredibly unkempt rubber plantation and unwanted weeds. In this rich though untended soil, Unni saw his chance to grow his dreams - dreams of working with nature, creating a better environment for the life on this land, providing a better living for its folks and passing on the message to the rest of the world.

In the face of increasing global warming and decreasing natural habitats, Unni\'s conscious efforts to protect nature and his perseverance to enhance its biodiversity saw the evolution of Hinterland Village from a patch of neglected land to a nature lovers\' paradise.

We, at Hinterland Village, have our mission in maintaining sustainable balance of the ecosystem. Our vision is to lead by example on how to take positive action to enhance local biodiversity. Our motto is to integrate business goals with environmental conservation.

From farming to waste management, all of our activities are pursued with a holistic approach and social responsibility. The supplies for the kitchen are organically grown on our own land. Additional supplies are procured from the nearby gardens thus throwing in our mite to support the local farmers. The estate has been planted with hand-picked species of vegetation that can not only grow well but also enrich the biodiversity of the estate. Only those varieties of fish are grown in the ponds that can survive and breed healthily in the Village environment. Extreme care is taken to make the environment conducive to all forms of life in the Village.

The effects of our sincere and single-minded efforts can be seen in the vast variety of birds, butterflies and other native species that have found their home in Hinterland Village. There are more than 54 species of birds, including some migratory ones, and more than 20 species of butterflies, including seasonal varieties, along with Asian palm civets, mongooses, flying foxes and also snakes.

Our menagerie of pets includes a spectacular variety of birds such as budgerigars, cocktails, finches, pigeons, geese, fancy hens and emus. Our Brahminy Kite, Samurai, is very popular among our guests. There are three wonderful dogs that hold court around here. Veeru and Lucky are the older ones. They are a mixed breed from German Shepherd and probably Indian Pariah. Bambi, a Great Dane, is the latest addition to our family. Bambi dotes on humans but hates cats, especially the four that we have on our property that keep teasing him. A gaggle of geese roves around the property gossiping most of the day. At Hinterland Village, our pets literally steal the whole show!

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